Gnorcs are a race of hearty, green warriors found in the eastern regions of Eidolith. They are known for their brutish strength in battle, as well as their lower-than-average intelligence. What they lack brains, though, they more than make up for in brawn. They are home to the land of Drotznia, a country found on the Isle of Nesh.

Gnorcs reach an average height of 6.5 tall and average weight of 350 pounds upon reaching adulthood, at age 6. Gnorcish life-span is rafher short, the oldest and most venerable living, at most, into their late 20’s or early 30’s.

Gnorcish Origins Edit

Scholars are unsure how the Gnorcs came about in the realm of Eidolith, seeing as there are no divine accounts of their creation. Furthermore, most scholars agree that no all-powerful, divine being in their right mind could have created such a despicable lout of a creature as the Gnorc. So, many have theorized that Gnorcs are merely the product of the natural evolution of life from little tiny sea bugs onward for millennia. Terrifying thought, isn't it?

Gnorcish Government Edit

Hammer sickle by tiberia 1313 d9ncezj-pre

The flag of Drotznia (Photo courtesy of Tiberia 1313 on DeviantArt)

Gnorcs have designed the system of government that has now become infamous throughout Eidolith: Gnorcunism. The system is simple; every Gnorc does their job and is paid a "reasonable" wage for doing so. Each Gnorc receives the same amount of gold per month; 1 gold. The Gnorcunist party leaders, however, use the extra money saved from paying the workers of Drotznia such low wages to live lavish lifestyles. It isn't for everyone, though. Some Gnorcs resort to violence against neighboring countries, ransacking and pillaging in order to provide for their starving families. It's a rough life but, hey, it's home a Gnorc.

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